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Ify Autos founder Anie Ifeoma Amalonye recently took her philanthropic works to the Ika Diocesan Orphanage.
Our true worth is not in the things we have, but the impact we make in the lives of others. Seemingly, many believe giving to those who are less fortunate in life is a responsibility for the wealthy. But unknowingly, it is a duty for all, undertaken only by those whose heart beat for others.
Anie Ifeoma Amalonye, the philanthropic CEO of Ify Autos, a company that deals imports and supplies automobiles in Canada and Nigeria, is much more than an entrepreneur, as she does much charity works, surrendering herself as a ladder for others to climb out of poverty, hunger, homelessness and utter deprivation.
It is usually an uncommon sight to find people in our clime regularly take on the burden of helping orphans and the motherless ones. In fact, if truth must be told, people of colour are more interested in acquisition of wealth, which becomes an instrument of intimidation, rather than as a tool to help and lift others out of their precarious condition.
Though based on Canada, where she started her business and relocated to with her family a few years ago, the resourceful amazon superintending over the affairs of Ify Autos has never ceased to feel the pains and bear the burdens of orphans and the less privileged in Nigeria.
The Ify Autos boss, who is an incurable philanthropist per excellence has again lived up to the impression many have about her, which is regularly reaching out to those who are unlucky in life. Her auto company recently visited and donated food and drink items to Ika Diocesan Orphanage and Motherless Babies’ Home/ Charity Foundation Headquarters, being operated by the Anglican Communion at No 1, Oriahi Street, Boji-Boji, Agbor, in Delta State, South-south Nigeria.
Items donated include rice, food drinks and cartons of noodles. The charity gesture by the CEO of Ify Autos is one of the various outreaches and visitations she has made in the country
“I have always been actively involve in supporting widows,orphans ,less privileged in the society even before the inception of ifyautos and I have continued in that light and hope to Increase the quota as ify Autos expands because I believe is my social responsibility in giving back to the society,” Anie Ifeoma Amalonye said in an interactive session with journalists.
It is not a surprise that Ify Autos has flourished within three years of its inception. As former US president, George H.W Bush, puts it, “There could be no definition of a successful life that does not include service to others.”
In 36 months of its establishment, Ify Autos has offices in North America (Canada), and Nigeria, which serves as the hub in the African market.
The founder of Ify Autos has always had a philanthropic streak in from her early days when she showed concerns for others.
After her elementary and secondary education, the Ify Autos founder proceeded to Ambrose Alli University in  Ekpoma, Edo State, where she bagged her first degree.
Desirous of equipping herself with quality education, the amazon running the show at Ify Autos did not stop with her first degree as she enrolled for her masters degree programme in International Relations and Diplomacy, which she successfully acquired at the same institution. The married entrepreneur relocated with her family to Canada, where she incorporated Ify Autos as a  business entity.
Armed with a masters degree, she established Ify Autos with clearly defined objectives, with the intention to redefine service delivery in the automobile market. The company supplies all kinds of automobiles to its numerous customers in Nigeria and Canada, with the two countries being used as bases for its North American and West African operations.
One of the reasons for Ify Autos’ rising profile is that Anie Ifeoma Amalonye has been able to ‘sell’ the ultimate purpose of the company, as well as its core values to her staff.
“Getting competent hands back home (Nigeria) that shares the same core values and visions of Ify Autos which is integrity,Resilience and empathy. With consistency and clear vision of what Ify Autos represents I was able to overcome those challenges,” said the CEO of Ify Autos.

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