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Are you craving to slay for the oncoming Christmas church service? Do it decently as there’s more beauty in modesty.
Whether you’re wearing a new dress or picking up something from the wardrobe for the oncoming Christmas church service, the focus should be ensuring that you cover up beautifully without necessarily revealing part of the body that should be covered.

This is because you’re dressing to church service where modesty is one of the core values and doctrines, but more importantly you’re going to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and that traditionally speaks moderation.
So, come this Christmas church service, there should be no such thing as half-naked or indecent dressing, only elegance, whose true definition is modesty.
What to wear?
Although the traditional Christmas service colours can be played up, which is White or Gold, symbolising joy in the light of day, you can also wear outfit of any colour, be it native or foreign attire so long as you come out elegant.
This varies for church denominations, however if yours is a come as you wish, you may want to take note of the fact that Christmas fashion tends to lean toward “classic” items.

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