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Published on 22 November, 2022
We are delighted to announce that Group Leaders, Kelly Nguyen and Benjamin Ryskeldi-Falcon, from our Structural Studies and Neurobiology Divisions respectively, have been elected onto the EMBO Young Investigator Programme for a four-year tenure starting in January 2023. EMBO will provide financial and practical support, as well as networking opportunities for the Young Investigators and their lab members during this time.
In addition, LMB alumni, Andreas Boland and Manuela Hospenthal, were also selected. Andreas was a postdoc in David Barford’s group in the LMB’s Structural Studies Division (2014-2018). Andreas now works as an Assistant Professor at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Manuela was a student in David Komander’s group in the LMB’s PNAC Division (2010-2014). Manuela is now an Assistant Professor at ETH Zurich.
LMB’s researchers are among 24 life scientists chosen as Young Investigators who are within their first four years as group leaders and have a proven record of scientific excellence. As part of the programme they will have access to a wide range of benefits to support them at this stage of their careers.
Kelly’s work involves studying telomerase regulation at telomeres and other processes involved in telomere maintenance beyond telomerase. Earlier this year, Kelly was awarded the 2022 Eppendorf Award for Young European Investigators.
“I am delighted to be selected for this prestigious scheme. Both my group members and I are very excited for the opportunity to interact with colleagues working on different areas of molecular biology across Europe over the next four years.” – Kelly Nguyen
Benjamin’s group researches the role of abnormal protein assembly in neurodegenerative disease, with a focus on RNA-binding protein assembly that underlies motor neuron disease and dementia.
“I am honoured to join this vibrant scientific community and look forward to the many opportunities it will offer my group over the coming four years and beyond.” – Benjamin Ryskeldi-Falcon
The Young Investigator Programme was started in 2000. The newly selected EMBO Young Investigators join an existing network of 135 current and 390 former members of the programme.
“EMBO welcomes the new Young Investigators with a sense of excitement and pride. One of the most remarkable things about this wonderful community is its diversity of expertise. Participation in the programme supports young group leaders at a critical phase of their careers, providing opportunities to develop their laboratories, learn from one another, and make lifelong connections within a supportive network.” – EMBO Director, Fiona Watt
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