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No one brings a broad range of clothing, shoes and accessories to one place as Forkeeps, the leading marketplace for preloved and new fashion items in Nigeria. From hyped sneakers to rare vintage dresses to stunt-worthy statement pieces, and everyday wear for all genders, Forkeeps is a one-stop shop for all fashion and lifestyle items.
The brand was created in 2022 by a duo of sustainable fashion and technology enthusiasts. That deep affinity has been at the platform’s core since inception, and their ultimate goal is to build a passionate global community of shoppers and sellers alike, whilst curbing waste and pollution.
“Fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet and creating Forkeeps is one of our proposed ways to reduce the impact. Some fashion items are traditionally a single use product but we are on a mission to change this. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to investing in future-focused solutions, which is why we birthed Forkeeps” – Osagie Omon, Co-founder Forkeeps.
The brand’s goal is to get endless scores of fashion heads looking to Forkeeps to buy and sell pre-owned clothing and accessories. (Why pay full price for the best brands when you can find the exact designer item for much less?). Browsing the website is like stepping into the world’s largest fashion store, offering everything from the newest designer clothes to hard-to-get gems.
Join the movement towards a more sustainable fashion industry and visit ForKeeps today on the web and also on mobile ( iOS or Android) to shop or sell your gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories.
To learn more and start shopping or selling on ForKeeps, visit the website.
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