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Digital bank, Gomoney has expressed its readiness to simplify bills payment for Nigerians and improves the digital ecosystem. Gomoney said it has positioned itself as a full-fledged digital service provider that understands customer’s needs and aspirations living up to its promise of being ‘’the bank users deserve.’’
According to it, one thing everyone deserves is a way to tackle and avoid lengthy money conversations and arguments when it comes to paying bills.
The Gomoney said its split bill feature is its versatility, and ease and aids quick and prompt settlements of new and outstanding bills for users.
It explained that the split bill feature gives room for multiple users to split payments amongst themselves easily for quick spending or expenses.
“You can split past or real-time bills with any Gomoney user at any time as the feature is divided into two sections, the real-time bills and past bills. For the real-time bills, a group is created and an invitation is sent to whomever the user wishes to split with to that group, enter the amount and send. While for past bills, users can click on the transaction summary for the payment they intend to split, select “split” on the transaction page, and hit “send” once prompted. What this means is that users can conveniently plan their expenses with friends and family without placing the burden of payments on a person,” it stated.
The feature can be used to split utility bills, cable bills like DSTV, repairs as well as lunch bills with friends with a reminder option that allows users to send push notifications to pending debtors and once a bill is settled users can either close the group or leave it open if there will be recurring payments of sort in the future.
According to Banking Operations Lead, Gomoney inc. Adeyemi Fayomi, ‘’One thing we aim at achieving is ensuring that Nigerians continue to enjoy the ease that comes with settling bills with our digital solution, the challenge that stems out of money conversation in terms of who is paying what and who has not paid what is one we did envision and was adequately prepared for with our split bill feature.’’
Fayomi said payment of bills is a recurring ‘to-do’ and if one is not careful, one might spend a fraction of his/her income on bills that can be split easily, stressing that what Gomoney has done is to ensure that individuals imbibe the culture of saying ‘No’ to some extra expenses or have money conversations about bills with friends or flatmates with its split bill feature.
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