Kristen Burkman enters 2023 race for mayor – IndyStar

A third candidate is running for mayor of Westfield and she could make history if she wins. 
Kristen Burkman is a member of the city’s plan commission and was appointed to her role by the Westfield City Council. She is the first female candidate for mayor of the city and would be the first woman to serve as mayor of Westfield if she wins the Republican primary and general election later this year.
“What I’m interested in thinking about is what’s next for Westfield,” Burkman told IndyStar Thursday. “It’s a great city. There’s so many great accomplishments and what we need to do now is look at where we are and think about where we’re going.” 
Burkman, who has not run for office before, joins Westfield City Council members and fellow Republicans Jake Gilbert and Scott Willis, who announced their campaigns in 2022. 
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It’s still not clear if Westfield Mayor Andy Cook, who has served in the role since 2008, intends to run for another term. At a December news conference, Cook stated he had not yet made a decision on running for reelection and did not know when he would make one. 
Burkman, who grew up in Sheridan, said she has lived in Westfield with her family for 13 years. Through working on the plan commission, leading the State Road 32 streetscape committee and completing doctoral work through Marymount University, Burkman said she’s well positioned to serve as mayor. 
“We’ve outgrown some of our old processes,” Burkman said. “That’s something I want to bring to the mayor role is to really become more data driven in our city and using research and information and revamping a lot of our processes and systems to run better.” 
The primary is May 2. 


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