Mob attacks Delhi Police after they detain Nigerians for ‘overstaying’ – The Indian Express

At least 100 people hailing from African nations allegedly surrounded a team of police personnel and attacked them in South Delhi’s Neb Sarai area. Officers said the team was trying to apprehend three Nigerians whose visas had allegedly expired but the men attacked them, and two of the persons who had been detained managed to escape.
The police said on Saturday they sent a narcotics cell team to complete the deportation proceedings of three Nigerians who had been “overstaying” in the country. Around 2.30 pm, they apprehended the three people, but were stopped by the others.
Chandan Chowdhary, DCP (South) said, “The team was trying to bring them to the police station but suddenly about 100 Africans gathered there and obstructed the police team. In the meantime, two of those detained managed to escape. One was successfully apprehended later.”
#Watch | Mob attacks Delhi Police after they detain Nigerians for ‘overstaying’
The Indian Express (@IndianExpress) January 8, 2023
Officials said the group manhandled them and forced them to leave, while “obstructing” their duties.
The police entered the area again around 6.30 pm to detain four more people for “overstaying”. They were again surrounded by 100-150 people in the area and stopped from making an arrest.
Visuals from the spot show a group of young men and women clashing with the police. The police are seen pulling the detainees, while the African youths are pushing them and shouting at them. The officers are also seen trying to make a human chain and attempting to stop the protesters using their lathis.
“About 150-200 African people gathered there. They were also trying to help the detained to escape, but the team succeeded in bringing them to the police station” added the DCP.
A total of five people were detained, while two managed to escape. No action has been initiated against the mob yet. The police said they are looking into the matter and will register a case.
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