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Kemi Ogunkoya
The Power Woman Network, a community dedicated to empowering and supporting women as they develop their leadership skills towards achieving all-around success, has announced its new initiatives for 2023.
According to the Founder, Kemi Ogunkoya, the organisation released the PowerWoman100 annual list in 2022, which featured women across the financial sectors, tech, aviation, science, engineering, social enterprise and business who are changing the status quo and making a difference in society.
“We also hosted capacity development programmes, welcomed new members to the community and carried out two CSR projects.
“In 2023, the Power Woman Network will focus on strengthening partnerships and collaborations with other organisations that share its mission of supporting and empowering women. These partnerships will allow the organisation expand its reach and offer even more resources and support to its members,” she said.
Ogunkoya added that the Power Woman Network would be partnering with a range of organisations, including other women communities, professional associations, business networks and international partners.
“The Power Woman Network will also be expanding the offerings for its premium members. These members will have access to a range of exclusive events, workshops and mentorship opportunities designed to help them advance in their careers and reach their full potential. Some of the offerings that will be available to premium members include leadership development workshops, mentorship opportunities and networking events,” she noted.
According to her, in addition to these internal developments, the organisation would remain committed to bringing more visibility to the women in its community.
“The organisation will be hosting events and campaigns that spotlight the achievements and successes of its members and it will be actively promoting the work of its members to the wider public.
“We are thrilled to be able to continue growing and supporting the women in our community. Our focus on leadership development and empowerment has already had a tremendous impact on the lives of so many women, and we are excited to see what the future holds. We are confident that by expanding our partnerships, offerings and visibility, we will be able to make an even greater difference in the lives of women everywhere.
“Power Woman is a network of female business leaders and professionals with a shared mission of enhancing the growth of women in the corporate, political and business leadership scenes.
“We believe that every woman is an arsenal of untapped power, strength, resources and resourcefulness. Therefore through the Network, we help ambitious women unleash their inner strength and help them with the resources required to access global opportunities and become global leaders. We are focused on supporting and empowering women,” Ogunkoya said.
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